Clan Young Reconvened...

The Clan Young Society is a charitable and social organization. Its objectives are to establish, promote and increase kinship and good fellowship among the descendants of ancestral Youngs of Scotland, including Sir Peter Young and the Youngs of Auldbar, the Youngs of Lenie, of Eastfield, of Lindbank, the Youngs of the Border, and other Youngs of Scotland. It also strives to research their history and genealogy within Scotland and worldwide, and to foster and promote a common understanding and friendship with those of similar ancestry and minds around the world.

Society membership is composed of men and women who are descendants of any Scottish person surnamed Young*, together with anyone with an interest in the Youngs of Scotland, their history, and things Scottish.

In April of 1987, Clan Young was shown as a dormant Clan in the Highlander magazine. Edward A Young III contacted the Lord Lyon in Scotland and asked to convene Clan Young. Permission was granted. Past President Col. Gordon A. Young and Past President Russell A. Smith assisted with the resurrection of Clan Young.

*Other spelling variations of Young include: Og, Ogg, Juvenis, Jung, Yhong, Yong, Yonge, Yhonge, Yunge, Yhung, Yowng, Ywng, Zowng, Zong, Zhong, Zung, Zeung, Zoonge, Tarno...

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Executive Secretary

Nancy Hale


Edward A. Young III

Convener, Clan Young

​B~1921  /  D~2012

Requiem in Pacem

Alfred Young

Randolph Young

Clan Herald
Foundation Chair